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Here you can search for books alphabetically by author surname. I've been reviewing books since 2006, so the majority of titles listed have been reviewed. Just hover over the title and click on the hyperlink to read my review. When listing multiple books by the same author, I've entered them in the order I read and reviewed them (not alphabetically or chronologically by publication date).


Abate, Barbara Forte (The Secret of Lies)
Abbott, Megan (Give Me Your Hand)
Ackroyd, Peter (London Under)
Adams, Christine (A Lifetime in the Building)
Adams, Richard (Watership Down)
Adelaide, Debra (The Innocent Reader: Reflections on Reading & Writing)
Albom, Mitch (The Five People You Meet in Heaven)
Alexandra, Belinda (Southern Ruby)
Ammaniti, Niccolo (I'm Not Scared)
Andahazi, Federico (The Merciful Women)
Andersen, Sarah (Adulthood is a Myth)
Anderson, Gillian & Rovin, Jeff (A Vision of Fire: Book One of The Earthend Saga)
Anderson, Richard (Boxed)
Anderton, Joanne (The Flying Optometrist)
Andrew, Mari (Little Gestures)
Andrews, Russell (Gideon)
Andrews, Russell (Icarus)
Anonymous, (Sh*t Towns of New Zealand)
Appleton, Edith (War Diaries: A Nurse at the Front - The First World War Diaries of Sister Edith Appleton)
Archer, Jeffrey (False Impression)
Archer, Jeffrey (Only Time Will Tell)
Arnold, Catharine (Necropolis: London and Its Dead)
Arnott, Robbie (The Rain Heron)
Auel, M Jean (The Clan of the Cave Bear)
Austen, Jane (Pride and Prejudice)
Aycliffe, Jonathan (Naomi's Room)
Ayers, Stephen W. (The Taba Convention)


Backman, Fredrik (A Man Called Ove)
Bage, Patricia (Beginner's Guide to Drawn Thread Embroidery)
Bailey, Elisabeth Tova (The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating)
Bailey, Sarah (The Dark Lake)
Bailey, Sarah (Into the Night)
Bailey, Sarah (Where the Dead Go)
Baker, Robin (Killing Richard Dawson)
Barbery, Muriel (The Elegance of the Hedgehog)
Barker, Carolyn (The 7 Heavenly Virtues of Leadership)
Barnes, Julian (The Sense of an Ending)
Barton, Fiona (The Widow)
Bates, Jeremy (Suicide Forest)
Bauer, Belinda (The Shut Eye)
Bauer, Jon (Rocks in the Belly)
Bays, Brandon (The Journey)
Beaton, Kate (Hark! A Vagrant)
Bell, David (Cemetery Girl)
Benjamin, Chloe (The Immortalists)
Benson, Sara (Lonely Planet Hawaii)
Bernier, Nichole (The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D)
Betts, A.J. (Hive)
Betts, A.J. (Rogue)
Birkegaard, Mikkel (The Library of Shadows)
Blomkamp, Hazel (Crewel Intentions)
Bowles, Robin (Into the Darkness: The Mysterious Death of Phoebe Handsjuk)
Bowles, Robin (Death on the Derwent - Sue Neill-Fraser's Story)
Bradbury, Ray (Fahrenheit 451)
Bradley, James (The Resurrectionist)
Bradley, James (Beauty's Sister)
Bray, Libba (A Great and Terrible Beauty)
Bretherton, Tanya (The Suitcase Baby)
Breverton, Terry (Immortal Last Words, History's Most Memorable Dying Remarks, Deathbed Declarations and Final Farewells)
Brinkman, Dr Rick (Dealing With People You Can't Stand)
Brochmann & Stokken Dahl, Dr Nina & Ellen (The Wonder Down Under: A User's Guide to the Vagina)
Brooks, Geraldine (People of the Book)
Brosh, Allie (Hyperbole and a Half)
Brown, Dan (The Da Vinci Code)
Brown, Dan (Angels and Demons)
Brown, Dan (The Lost Symbol)
Brown, Dan (Inferno)
Brown, H. M. (Red Queen)
Brown, Honey (Dark Horse)
Brown, Honey (Through The Cracks)
Brown, Honey (Six Degrees)
Brown, William F. (The Undertaker)
Brown, William F. (Amongst My Enemies)
Brown, William F. (Thursday At Noon)
Browne, Sylvia (The Other Side and Back)
Browne, Sylvia (Life on the Other Side)
Bungey, Sam & Forde, Jennifer (West Cork)
Burke, James Lee (The Tin Roof Blowdown)
Burke, Kealan Patrick (Sour Candy)
Burnside, John (The Dumb House)
Burridge, Kate (Gift of the Gob: Morsels of English Language History)
Burton, Jessie (The Confession)
Butler, Susan (The Aitch Factor - Adventures in Australian English)
Byrski, Liz (A Month of Sundays)


Cabot, Dr Sandra (The Liver Cleansing Diet)
Cadwallader, Robyn (The Anchoress)
Cadwallader, Robyn (Book of Colours)
Caine, Rachel (Ink and Bone: The Great Library)
Campbell, Jen (Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops)
Campisi, Megan (The Sin Eater)
Camus, Albert (The Plague)
Cantero, Edgar (The Supernatural Enhancements)
Cantwell, John (Exit Wounds)
Capote, Truman (In Cold Blood)
Capote, Truman (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
Carnegie, Dale (How to Win Friends and Influence People)
Carter, Chris (Gallery of the Dead)
Carter, Chris (Hunting Evil)
Carter, Chris (Written In Blood)
Casey, Melanie (Hindsight)
Casey, Melanie (Craven)
Casey, Melanie (Missing)
Cassidy, Rachel (Stalked)
Cavalcanti, Klester (The Name of Death)
Cefalo, Andrea (The Fairytale Keeper)
Cefalo, Andrea (The Countess' Captive)
Chabouté, Christophe (The Park Bench)
Chambers, Kristy (Get Well Soon! My (Un) Brilliant Career as a Nurse)
Chan, Kylie (White Tiger)
Chandler, Steve (100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever)
Chapman, Gary (The 5 Love Languages)
Chater, Lauren (Well Read Cookies)
Chater, Lauren (Gulliver's Wife)
Chaucer, Geoffrey (The Canterbury Tales)
Chevalier, Tracy (The Lady and the Unicorn)
Chevalier, Tracy (Falling Angels)
Chevalier, Tracy (A Single Thread)
Clark, Roy Peter (Help! For Writers - 210 Solutions to the Problems Every Writer Faces)
Clarke, Susanna (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell)
Clason, George S. (The Richest Man in Babylon)
Cleveland, Karen (Need to Know)
Clifford, Aoife (All These Perfect Strangers)
Coben, Harlan (Gone For Good)
Cohen, Julie (Spirited)
Coelho, Paulo (The Alchemist)
Collins, Bridget (The Binding)
Connolly, John (The Museum of Literary Souls)
Coote, Maree (The Melbourne Book - A History Of Now)
Corbett, Claire (When We Have Wings)
Corby, Schapelle (My Story)
Cornwell, Bernard (Stonehenge)
Cornwell, Bernard (The Gallows Thief)
Cornwell, Patricia (Postmortem)
Cornwell, Patricia (Body of Evidence)
Cornwell, Patricia (Cruel and Unusual)
Cornwell, Patricia (All That Remains)
Cornwell, Patricia (The Body Farm)
Cotton, Peter (Dead Heat)
Courtney, Joanna (The Chosen Queen)
Cowell, Stephanie (Claude & Camille: A Novel of Monet)
Cruickshank, Kelvin (Walking In Light)
Cummins, Fiona (Rattle)
Cussler, Clive (The Chase)


Dapin, Mark (Fridge Magnets are Bastards)
Dahl, Roald (Matilda)
Dapin, Mark (King of the Cross)
Davidson, Andrew (The Gargoyle)
Davidson, Belinda (Find Your Light)
Deas, Stephen (The Adamantine Palace)
Dedman, Bill & Clark Newell Jr, Paul (Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Loss of one of the World's Greatest Fortunes)
Dekkers, Midas (The Story of Shit)
Delacourt, Grégoire (The List Of My Desires)
Delaney, JP (The Girl Before: A Novel)
Del Toro, Guillermo & Funke, Cornelia (Pan's Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun)
Denfeld, Rene (The Enchanted)
DeShon, Loren (Redemption On The River)
Devenish, Luke (The Secret Heiress)
Dickens, Charles (Great Expectations)
Dickens, Charles (Oliver Twist)
Dickens, Charles (A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings)
Didierlaurent, Jean-Paul (The Reader on the 6.27)
Dobbie, Kaye (Sweet Wattle Creek)
Doherty, Paul (The Cup of Ghosts)
Doherty, Paul (Satan in St Mary's)
Doherty, Paul (Crown in Darkness)
Doherty, Paul (Spy in Chancery)
Doherty, Paul (The Angel of Death)
Doherty, Paul (The Prince of Darkness)
Doherty, Paul (Murder Wears a Cowl)
Doherty, Paul (The Song of a Dark Angel)
Doherty, Paul (The Assassin in the Greenwood)
Doherty, Paul (The Devil's Hunt)
Doherty, Paul (The Demon Archer)
Doherty, Paul (The Treason of the Ghosts)
Doherty, Paul (Satan's Fire)
Doherty, Paul (Corpse Candle)
Doherty, Paul (The Magician's Death)
Doherty, Paul (The Waxman Murders)
Doherty, Paul (Nightshade)
Doherty, Paul (The Mysterium)
Donoghue, Emma (The Wonder)
Donovan, Tristan (It's All a Game: A Short History of Board Games)
Dostoevsky, Fyodor (Crime and Punishment)
Doughty, Caitlin (Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?)
Doughty, Louise (Platform Seven)
Doust, Kelly (Precious Things)
Doust, Kelly (Dressing the Dearloves)
Doyle, Arthur Conan (The Sign of Four)
Doyle, Ursula (Love Letters of Great Men)
Dresbold, Michelle (Sex, Lies, and Handwriting)
Drew, Andrea (Pro Resumes Made Easy)
Drewe, Robert (Swimming To The Moon)
DuBois, Allison (We Are Their Heaven)
DuBois, Allison (Secrets of the Monarch)
Dubosarsky, Ursula (The Golden Day)
Duff, Alan (Once Were Warriors)
Duff, Alan (Both Sides of the Moon)
Duff, Kat (The Secret Life of Sleep)
du Maurier, Daphne (Rebecca)
Duncan, Ken (Life's A Journey - The Adventure Continues)


Eaton, Jan (1000 Cross Stitch Motifs)
Eco, Umberto (The Name of the Rose)
Edward, John (Crossing Over)
Egan, Jennifer (The Keep)
Ekirch, A. Roger (At Day's Close - A History of Nighttime)
Elborough, Travis (Atlas of Improbable Places: A Journey to the World's Most Unusual Corners)
Elliot, Will (The Pilo Family Circus)
Ellis, Bret Easton (American Psycho)
Ellroy, James (The Black Dahlia)
Elmas, Stephanie (The Room Beyond)
Elsmore, Warren (Brick History: Amazing Historical Scenes to Build from LEGO)
Empson, Clare (Him)
Enright, Anne (The Forgotten Waltz)
Ensler, Eve (The Vagina Monologues)
Epstein, Jennifer Cody (The Gods of Heavenly Punishment)
Epstein, Sarah (Small Spaces)
Eugenides, Jeffrey (The Virgin Suicides)
Evans, Eamon (Mount Buggery to Nowhere Else)


Faber, Michel (Under The Skin)
Fagan & Durrani, Brian & Nadia (What We Did in Bed: A Horizontal History)
Fairstein, Linda (Death Dance)
Falconer, Colin (When We Were Gods - A Novel of Cleopatra)
Falconer, Colin (Isabella: Braveheart of France)
Falconer, Colin (The William Shakespeare Detective Agency - The School of Night)
Falcones, Ildefonso (Cathedral of the Sea)
Fergusson, Maggie (Treasure Palaces)
Fernandez, Rubram (September 11 from the Inside: A Novel)
Fielding, Joy (She's Not There)
Fields, Jennie (The Age of Desire: A Novel of Edith Wharton)
Finlay, Victoria (Color - A Natural History of the Palette)
Finn, A.J. (The Woman in the Window)
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (The Great Gatsby)
Fitzgerald, Isaac & MacNaughton, Wendy (Pen & Ink)
Fletcher, Kelly (Embroidered Home)
Flynn, Chris (Mammoth)
Flynn, Gillian (Gone Girl)
Flynn, Michael (Eifelheim)
Follett, Ken (Pillars of the Earth)
Follett, Ken (World Without End)
Follett, Ken (A Column of Fire)
Ford, Justine (Unsolved Australia: Lost Boys, Gone Girls)
Forsyth, Kate (Bitter Greens)
Forsyth, Kate (The Wild Girl)
Forsyth, Kate (Dragonclaw: The Witches of Eileanan Book 1)
Forsyth, Kate (Dancing on Knives)
Forsyth, Kate (The Beast's Garden)
Forsyth, Kate (Beauty In Thorns)
Forsyth, Kate (The Blue Rose)
Foster, Sara (All That Is Lost Between Us)
Foster, Sara (You Don't Know Me)
Fowler, Christopher (Nyctophobia)
Fowles, John (The Collector)
Fox, Candice (Hades)
Frank, Anita (The Lost Ones)
Frank, Anne (The Diary of Anne Frank)
Franklin, Jonathan (438 Days: An Extraordinary True Story of Survival at Sea)
Franzen, Jonathan (Freedom)
French, Nicci (The Lying Room)
Furphy & Rissole, Rick & Geoff (Sh*t Towns of Australia)


Gabriel, Jon (The Gabriel Method)
Gaiman, Neil (Stories - All New Tales)
Gaiman & Riddell, Neil & Chris (The Sleeper and the Spindle)
Gaiman, Neil (The Graveyard Book)
Gardner, Justin (Crimeson)
Gardner, Sue (A - Z of Stumpwork)
Garfield, Simon (Just My Type: A Book About Fonts)
Garfield, Simon (In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate the World)
Garner, Helen (Everywhere I Look)
Gauci, Kathryn (The Embroiderer)
Geddes-Brown, Leslie (Books Do Furnish A Room)
Gentill, S.D. (Chasing Odysseus)
George, Anna (What Came Before)
Gerritsen, Tess (Vanish)
Gilbert, Elizabeth (The Signature Of All Things)
Gilbert, Elizabeth (City of Girls)
Gittleman, Ann Louise (Zapped: Why your cell phone shouldn't be your alarm clock and 1,268 ways to outsmart the hazards of electronic pollution)
Glatzer, Jenna (Words You Thought You Knew: 1001 Commonly Misused and Misunderstood Words and Phrases)
Glen, Joanna (The Other Half of Augusta Hope)
Godwin, Gail (Grief Cottage)
Gold, Alan (The Pirate Queen)
Goldblatt, David (How to Watch the Olympics: An instant initiation into every sport at Rio 2016)
Goodman, Ruth (How To Be A Tudor: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Everyday Life)
Goodwin, Julie (Julie Goodwin's Essential Cookbook)
Gortner, C.W. (The Confessions of Catherine de Medici)
Graves, Robert (Goodbye To All That)
Graeme-Evans, Posie (Wild Wood)
Green, Jane (Second Chance)
Green, John (The Fault In Our Stars)
Green, John M. (Nowhere Man)
Green, John M. (Born To Run)
Green, John M. (The Trusted)
Green, John M. (The Tao Deception)
Green, Linda (After I've Gone)
Gregory, Philippa (The White Queen)
Gregory, Philippa (The Red Queen)
Gregory, Philippa (The Lady of the Rivers)
Gregory, Philippa (The Taming of the Queen)
Gregory, Philippa (Three Sisters, Three Queens)
Gregory, Philippa (The Kingmaker's Daughter)
Gregory, Philippa (The Last Tudor)
Gregory, Philippa (The Other Queen)
Gregory, Philippa (Tidelands)
Griffin, Simon (Fucking Apostrophes)
Griffin, Simon (Fucking Good Manners)
Griffin, Susan (Book of the Courtesans - A Catalogue of their Virtues)
Griffiths, Elly (The Stranger Diaries)
Grisham, John (The Brethren)
Grisham, John (Camino Island)
Grothe, Dr. Mardy (Viva la Repartee - Clever Comebacks and Witty Retorts from History's Great Wits & Wordsmiths)
Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records 2017: Blockbusters!)
Guskin, Sharon (The Forgetting Time)
Gwynne, Phillip (The Build Up)
Gyatso, Palden (Fire Under the Snow - True Story of a Tibetan Monk)


Haddon, Mark (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time)
Haig, Matt (How To Stop Time)
Haig, Matt (The Midnight Library)
Hale, Shannon (Book of a Thousand Days)
Halls, Stacey (The Familiars)
Halls, Stacey (The Foundling)
Ham, Anthony / Butler, Stuart / Starnes, Dean (Lonely Planet - Kenya)
Hamilton, Karen (The Perfect Girlfriend)
Hammer, Chris (Scrublands)
Hammer, Chris (Silver)
Hanff, Helene (84 Charing Cross Road)
Hannah, Sophie (Did You See Melody?)
Hardo, Trutz (Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today)
Harkness, Deborah (A Discovery of Witches)
Harper, Jane (The Dry)
Harper, Jane (Force of Nature)
Harper, Jane (The Lost Man)
Harris, Anstey (The Museum of Forgotten Memories)
Harris, Charlaine (Grave Sight)
Harris, Jane (The Observations)
Harris, Jane (Gillespie and I)
Harris, Joanne (Gentlemen & Players)
Harris, Dr Russ (The Reality Slap)
Harris, Thomas (Silence of the Lambs)
Harris, Thomas (Hannibal Rising)
Hassett, Brenna (Built on Bones: 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death)
Hawkins, Paula (The Girl on the Train)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel (The Scarlet Letter)
Haynes, Elizabeth (Into the Darkest Corner: A Novel)
Haynes, Elizabeth (Human Remains)
Haynes, Jim (Australia's Most Unbelievable True Stories)
Haxell, Kate (The Stitch Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to 225 Embroidery Stitches)
Hemingway, Ernest (The Old Man and the Sea)
Heath, Jack (Hangman)
Heath, Jack (Hunter)
Henry-Jones, Eliza (Ache)
Herbert, James (The Ghosts of Sleath)
Herbert, James (Others)
Herman, Eleanor (The Royal Art of Poison: Fatal Cosmetics, Deadly Medicines and Murder Most Foul)
Hill, Joe (Heart Shaped Box)
Hill, Napoleon (Think and Grow Rich)
Hill, Susan (The Small Hand)
Hillier, Jennifer (Jar of Hearts)
Hills, Adam (Best Foot Forward)
Hilton, L.S. (Maestra)
Hinton, S. E. (The Outsiders)
Hobson, Ben (Snake Island)
Hodson, Serena (Upside-Down Dogs)
Hogue, John (Nostradamus - A Life and Myth)
Honeyman, Gail (Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine)
Hooper, Chloe (The Arsonist - A Mind On Fire)
Hooper, Kay (Stealing Shadows)
Hooper, Kay (Hiding in the Shadows)
Hooper, Kay (Out of the Shadows)
Hops, Olivia (The Edible Cookie Dough Cookbook)
Horne, Jed (Breach of Faith-Hurricane Katrina and the Near Death of a Great American City)
Howe, Katherine (The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane)
Hudson, Andrew (Drift)
Hughes, Sali (Our Rainbow Queen)
Humphreys, C. C. (The French Executioner)
Humphreys, C. C. (Vlad, The Last Confession)
Hunter, Clare (Threads of Life: A History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle)


Ibbotson, Eva (The Secret Countess)
Ishiguro, Kazuo (The Remains of the Day)


Jackson, Joshilyn (Never Have I Ever)
Jackson, Shirley (We Have Always Lived In The Castle)
James, Henry (The Turn of the Screw)
James, Peter (Absolute Proof)
James, Rebecca (Beautiful Malice)
James, Rebecca (Sweet Damage)
James, Wendy (The Accusation)
Jein, Geoff (Sleeping with David Baddiel)
Jennings, Kathleen (Flyaway)
Jensen, Candi (Knit Scarves!)
Jerome, Jerome K. (Three Men in a Boat)
Jerome, Jerome K. (Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow)
Jewell, Matina (Caught In The Crossfire)
Johns, Rachael (The Patterson Girls)
Johns, Rebecca (The Countess: A Novel of Elizabeth Bathory)
Johnson, Katherine (The Better Son)
Johnson, Susan (My Hundred Lovers)
Jokinen, Tom (Curtains, Adventures of an Undertaker in Training)
Jones, Rebecca (The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes - Nature)


Kasius, Jennifer (Jane Austen: Her Complete Novels in One Sitting)
Kay, Adam (This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor)
Keaggy, Bill (Milk Eggs Vodka - Grocery Lists Lost and Found)
Kellerman, Jonathan (The Conspiracy Club)
Kemp, Christopher (Floating Gold: The Search for Ambergris, The Most Elusive Substance in the Natural World)
Kent, Hannah (Burial Rites)
Kent, Hannah (The Good People)
Kepnes, Caroline (You)
Kepnes, Caroline (Hidden Bodies)
Kerr, Christopher (Death Is But a Dream: Finding Hope and Meaning at Life's End)
Kidd, Jess (The Hoarder)
Kidd, Jess (Things In Jars)
King, Stephen (Salem's Lot)
King, Stephen (Thinner)
King, Stephen (The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon)
King, Stephen (Insomnia)
King, Stephen (Misery)
King, Stephen (The Green Mile)
King, Stephen (Hearts in Atlantis)
King, Stephen (Cell)
King, Stephen (Lisey's Story)
King, Stephen (Duma Key)
King, Stephen (Just After Sunset: Stories)
King, Stephen (Under The Dome)
King, Stephen (Full Dark, No Stars)
King, Stephen (The Gunslinger - Dark Tower I)
King, Stephen (UR)
King, Stephen & Hill, Joe (In The Tall Grass)
King, Stephen (The Drawing of the Three - Dark Tower II)
King, Stephen (11.22.63)
King, Stephen (The Shining)
King, Stephen (Revival)
King, Stephen (Doctor Sleep)
King, Stephen (The Bazaar of Bad Dreams)
King, Stephen & Owen (Sleeping Beauties)
King, Stephen (Elevation)
King, Stephen (The Outsider)
King, Stephen (If It Bleeds)
Kiyosaki, Robert (Rich Dad, Poor Dad series)
Koontz, Dean (From the Corner of His Eye)
Koontz, Dean (False Memory)
Koontz, Dean (By the Light of the Moon)
Koontz, Dean (Intensity)
Koontz, Dean (The Face)
Koontz, Dean (Life Expectancy
Koontz, Dean (Velocity)
Koontz, Dean (The Taking - A Novel)
Koontz, Dean (What the Night Knows: A Novel)
Koontz, Dean (Odd Thomas)
Koontz, Dean (Forever Odd)
Koontz, Dean (Brother Odd)
Koontz, Dean (The Door to December)
Koontz, Dean (Sole Survivor)
Koontz, Dean (The Darkest Evening of the Year)
Koontz, Dean (Watchers)
Koontz, Dean (Your Heart Belongs to Me)
Koontz, Dean (One Door Away From Heaven)
Koontz, Dean (Odd Hours)
Koontz, Dean (Relentless)
Koontz, Dean (The Eyes of Darkness)
Koontz, Dean (What the Night Knows)
Koontz, Dean (Breathless)
Koontz, Dean (77 Shadow Street)
Koontz, Dean (Odd Interlude)
Koontz, Dean (Odd Apocalypse)
Koontz, Dean (The City)
Koontz, Dean (Frankenstein: Prodigal Son)
Koryta, Michael (So Cold The River)
Kostova, Elizabeth (The Historian)
Kostova, Elizabeth (The Shadow Land)
Koval, Ramona (Speaking Volumes - Conversations with Remarkable Writers)
Krahula, Beckah (One Zentangle a Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation)
Kralik, John (365 Thank Yous - The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life)
Krasnostein, Sarah (The Trauma Cleaner)
Krauth, Kirsten (just_a_girl)
Kubica, Mary (Pretty Baby)
Kutthroat, Katie (Bless This Mother-Effing Home: Sweet Stitches for Snarky Bitches)
Kyriacou, Kate (The Sting: The Undercover Operation that Caught Daniel Morcombe's Killer)


Laguna, Sofie (The Choke)
Lambert, Eric (The Twenty Thousand Thieves)
Land, Ali (Good Me, Bad Me)
Langdon, Rob (The Seventh Circle)
Lansens, Lori (The Mountain Story)
Lara, Nicole (Bullet It!)
Larsson, Stieg (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo)
Larsson, Stieg (The Girl Who Played With Fire)
Larsson, Stieg (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)
Larter, Nadine Rose (Coffee at Little Angels)
Laveau-Harvie, Vicki (The Erratics)
Lebrecht, Norman (Why Mahler: How One Man and Ten Symphonies Changed the World)
Lee, Harper (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Lester, Alison (Noni the Pony Rescues a Joey)
Leunig, Michael (Musings from the Inner Duck)
Lewis, C. S. (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Lindsay, Jeff (Darkly Dreaming Dexter)
Lindsay, Joan (Picnic At Hanging Rock)
Lindsay, Patrick (Back From The Dead - Peter Hughes' Story of Survival and Hope After Bali)
Lindqvist, John Ajvide (Let The Right One In)
Lloyd, John & Mitchinson, John & Harkin, John (1,339 QI - Quite Interesting - Facts To Make Your Jaw Drop)
Lloyd, John; Michinson, John & Harkin, John (1,342 QI Facts To Leave You Flabbergasted)
Lloyd, John & Harkin, James & Miller, Anne (2,024 QI Facts To Stop You In Your Tracks)
Lodato, Victor (Mathilda Savitch)
Logan, Kylie (Panic Button)
Logan, T.M. (Lies)
Lord, Aileen (The World as 100 People: A Visual Guide to 7 Billion Humans)
Lovett, Charlie (The Bookman's Tale)
Ludlum, Robert (The Arctic Event - written by James Cobb)
Lukins, Robert (The Everlasting Sunday)
Lunn, Hugh (Vietnam - A Reporter's War)
Lymbery, Philip (Farmageddon In Pictures - The True Cost of Cheap Meat)


MacBride, Stuart (Flesh House)
Macken, Sandy (Paramedic)
Mackintosh, Michelle (Snail Mail: Rediscovering the Art and Craft of Handmade Correspondence)
Macneal, Elizabeth (The Doll Factory)
Marai, Sandor (Embers)
Maiklem, Lara (Mudlarking: Lost and Found on the River Thames)
Mailman, Erika (The Witch's Trinity)
Maine, Sarah (The House Between Tides)
Mallett, Xanthe (Cold Case Investigations)
Marsden, Polly (The Bushfire Book by Polly Marsden, illustrated by Chris Nixon)
Martin, Demetri (This Is A Book)
Martin, Valerie (The Ghost of the Mary Celeste)
Matthews-David, Alison (Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present)
Maudsley, Hayley (My Smoko Break)
Maxwell, Robin (Virgin - Prelude to the Throne)
Maxwell, Robin (The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn)
Maxwell, Robin (The Queen's Bastard: A Novel)
Maxwell, Robin (The Wild Irish)
Maxwell, Robin (To the Tower Born)
Maxwell, Robin (O, Juliet)
Maxwell, Robin (Jane)
Maxwell, Robin (Signora da Vinci)
May, Susan (The Troubles Keeper)
Maylor, Rachel (Made in the Office)
McAuley, Lex (When Buffalo Fight)
McCabe, Bruce (Skinjob)
McCarthy, Cormac (The Road)
McCloy, Nicola (Sensing Murder)
McCosker, Kim (The Easiest Slow Cooker Book Ever)
McDonald, Roger (1915)
McDonnold, Paul (The Economics of Ego Surplus: A Novel of Economic Terrorism)
McGill, Bernie (The Butterfly Cabinet)
Mckelvey, Ben (The Commando - The Life And Death Of Cameron Baird, VC, MG)
McKinley, Robin (Sunshine)
McLean, Felicity (The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone)
McNab, Duncan (Roger Rogerson)
McNamara, Michelle (I'll Be Gone in the Dark)
McNeish, James (The Crime of Huey Dunstan)
McTiernan, Dervla (The Scholar)
Morley, Charlie (Lucid Dreaming Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide to Waking Up in Your Dreams)
Mortimer, Ian (The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England)
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