12 November 2018

Review: Melmoth by Sarah Perry

RRP $29.99
Published October 2018
* Copy courtesy of Allen & Unwin *

An historical fiction novel set in Prague with a supernatural element, Melmoth by Sarah Perry held so much promise for me. Unfortunately this highly anticipated read left me feeling a little underwhelmed by the end.

Our main character Helen is riddled with guilt and living an ordinary life when she is given a manuscript and told about Melmoth. Melmoth the witness is a tall woman dressed in black with bleeding feet condemned to walk the earth forever. She’s the loneliest being in the world and tries to lure the guilty to wander the earth beside her.

Despite the awesome premise, some of the gothic tropes in this novel soon became repetitive and therefore lost their power to move me. For instance, there were so many jackdaws (crows) throughout the novel that their appearance quickly lost their 'creep factor'.

The best parts by far were the 'stories within the main story' in the form of the manuscript, letters and documents. They contained information across time from other people who had encountered Melmoth and these encounters and backstories made for interesting reading.

I particularly enjoyed uncovering the reason behind Helen's guilt and belief she must suffer for the sins of her past and I could easily have dwelled in her tale much longer. However her overarching story failed to hold my interest.

Exploring themes of redemption, guilt and perhaps even loneliness, Melmoth will appeal to historical fiction lovers who enjoy dark and mysterious stories.

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!

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  1. I don't mind dark, but it doesn't sound like I'd enjoy this book. Thanks!

  2. Before you decide Davida, be sure to check out some more reviews because other readers are enjoying this immensely.

  3. I was underwhelmed by one of the author's other books and am not sure I want to give her another try. I usually give an author 2 reads before I decide not to read him/her anymore but with an ambitious reading program for the rest of 2018 I just don't have time for this one.

  4. Thanks Laura, I haven't read The Essex Serpent but I'm assuming it's much better than Melmoth. Your rule of giving an author 2 reads is a good one. There are just too many other good books waiting to waste time on one that isn't for you. I'm open to reading The Essex Serpent though.

  5. I'll still read this one but disappointing to hear it might not measure up!

  6. Fingers crossed it measures up for you Theresa.


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