19 November 2018

Review: The Lost Man by Jane Harper

* Copy courtesy of Pan Macmillan Australia *

It's very possible The Lost Man is my new favourite novel by Australian bestselling author Jane Harper. Set on a huge cattle station in outback Queensland, this is the story of the Bright family dealing with the unexpected death of their son and brother Cameron. Cameron was found 10kms from his car and died of dehydration and exposure with the family left to wonder what happened.

At its heart, The Lost Man is a stand alone family drama but you'd be mistaken if you thought this fell into the genre of farm lit. The Lost Man is a dark mystery set against one of the harshest landscapes in Australia. Jane Harper's writing evokes an unforgiving landscape and the sheer isolation is frightening at times.

The characters include members of the Bright family, town locals and two backpackers and the author has captured their personalities effortlessly. 

The Lost Man is full of tension as well as insight into how these families make a living off the land. The Bright family are prepared for any hazard while out working on the property. This makes Cameron's death even more mysterious; why would he leave his car full of supplies and succumb to the elements?

I recommend The Lost Man by Jane Harper to mystery, thriller and crime readers everywhere. It's a brilliant read!

My rating = *****

Carpe Librum!

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  1. I always have to pace my rural reads apart, maybe because I live in a remote rural area, it's almost like I need a break from the scene! I'm about ready to dive into this one though.

  2. Dive in now, do it do it do it. This isn't like any other rural read, I promise. A terrific read awaits.


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