12 February 2010

Review: Life Among the Dead by Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams is a medium, psychic and clairvoyant and when I came across her TV show Life Among the Dead on Foxtel I was hooked. I was instantly drawn to her warm personality and watched every episode I could, as she met with people and passed on messages from loved ones who had passed away.

I was so excited when I learned she was touring Australia however her tour sold out before I could get tickets. The next time she toured the country I bought tickets straight away and went with a friend to see her show at Hamer Hall. Now, I'm a true believer in her gift and was touched by her ability to accurately communicate messages, names, places and other information that she couldn't otherwise have known.

When I learned Lisa had written a book, I just had to read it. This is an autobiography of sorts, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've read several books by mediums and others have contained explanations of their gift, views on the afterlife and examples of readings that have stayed with them or touched them in some way.

This book is essentially Lisa's life story from childhood to the astonishing success of her hit TV show in LA. It contains a lot of details of her social life that readers looking for the meaning of life will find dull and uninteresting. I didn't, and that's because I really like her and didn't mind reading about her personal life, her love life, her battle with cancer and her journey as a psychic.

Although I've got to say I struggled with how long it took for her to recognise her gift and start to have faith - pardon the pun - in her ability to help people and begin to develop her gift into a full-time occupation. She has now achieved this end and has changed many lives around the world with her abilities and her love and warm character.

Fans of the show will enjoy this book, it was a nice easy read.

My rating = ***

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