30 May 2008

Review: The Prince of Darkness by Paul Doherty, P.C. Doherty

The Prince of Darkness by Paul Doherty, P.C. Doherty book coverThis is another in the series of medieval mysteries featuring Hugh Corbett. Set in 1301 Hugh Corbett is sent by King Edward to investigate the murder of Lady Belmont. With assassins and spies on his trail, Corbett is able to unravel the mystery and avoid triggering a civil war between King Edward and his son the Prince of Wales.

All the usual suspects are here, and this was another enjoyable 'whodunnit'. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction.

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!
10 May 2008

Review: Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott

Firstly, let me make myself absolutely clear on this one: I hated this book!!

I was lured by promises of the 'seventeenth century and the story of Isaac Newton as an alchemist' the 'ghost-writing of an unfinished book', 'unexplained seventeenth-century deaths, a network of alchemists and a ghostly figure'.

I bought this hook, line and sinker and was really looking forward to an exciting read. Wow, what a disappointment. 

The narrator was addressing the story to a lover in the past tense (I think) and it kept jumping to the past and present, not including the visits to the seventeenth century. The attempt to make this story a thriller was a failure as far as I'm concerned. 

The basic plot idea was to insinuate that an acquaintance of Isaac Newton had fellows at Trinity College in Cambridge 'murdered' to allow Isaac to gain a fellowship. The book was going to publish this theory, and change history. As a result of a ghostly figure and her relationship with her lover, (who was married by the way, and I hate books containing adultery), she changed the ending and published a 'safer version'. Ugh, what a disappointment!

Ultimately a really crappy book, and a H-U-G-E disappointment. No wonder it took me so long to finish it.

My rating = *

Carpe Librum!