22 March 2007

Review: Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott audiobook cover

I just finished reading Fierce Conversations and it was really quite good. Fierce conversations is a style of conducting business, an attitude, a way of life'. Author Susan Scott is a Communications Expert and has spent 16 years helping clients improve their conversations, and the book contains many case studies from CEOs who have engaged her services. Many of these were quite entertaining, and great eye openers.

Much of the book is guff, but there are pearls of wisdom scattered amongst the pages, and many of these gave me pause, as I wished I had the courage and or skill to deliver that type of message. The book also takes you through how to deal with conflict, one conversation at a time, and includes a plan and helpful tips and questions to assist you at 'starting the conversation you are most avoiding'.

I enjoyed some of the tips relating to co-workers and managers, and laughed at some of the questions: for example, a manager asking their co-worker: 'what are you hoping I won't bring up?' Can you imagine the response?

By the end of the book I realised I had absolutely no excuse to avoid the 'fierce conversation', and made an appointment with the person I had been most avoiding. This fierce conversation was extremely productive and has lifted a burden I had been carrying for over a year.

Even though it could be culled (at least 50 pages) I thoroughly recommend the book if you could benefit from tips on communication (who wouldn't)?

My rating = ****

Carpe Librum!