29 September 2023

Celebrating 2M Page Views!

Carpe Librum image celebrating 2 Million Views

Today I'm celebrating my biggest Carpe Librum milestone yet! (Drum roll)

I've just reached 2 Million Page Views!

In 2021 I reached 1.5M views and was ecstatic to continue enjoying an average of 15,000 views per month since then. That's a lot of bookworms!

In 2025 I'll be celebrating my 20 Year Blogiversary, and will have to do something special to mark the occasion. Do you have any bookish themed suggestions on a fun way to celebrate? Let me know in the comments below.

In the meantime, thanks to all of my subscribers and readers, many of you have been with me since the very start, while others have stuck around after entering a giveaway, or pop back in from time to time to see what I've been reading. If you're reading this, it means we share a love of books and the written word, and I appreciate that while you're reading my words here, you're not reading your book.

So thank you and happy reading.

Carpe Librum!

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  1. Congratulations Tracey! This is a massive milestone.

    1. Thanks Veronica, it's great to celebrate the blogging milestones along the way.

  2. Congratulations, a great achievement. I love to check in on your blog.

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment has come through as anonymous so I can't thank you by name, but your support means the world. Thanks again.


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