Challenges 2024

I successfully completed two reading challenges in 2023 and read a total of 76 books throughout the year. This year I'm aiming to read 75 books again and will be actively participating in the following two reading challenges along the way. In the past I've participated in as many as five reading challenges, but given I'm only participating in two this year, I've decided to increase the difficulty in terms of challenge levels. Sound fun? Come and join me!

Non Fiction Reader Challenge 2024

Hosted by fellow Aussie book blogger Shelleyrae at Book'd Out, I've signed up for the highest level of the challenge this year to complete the Nonfiction Nosher level. For this, I will need to read and review 12 books, one book for each category in the list below.
Non Fiction Reader Challenge 2024 logo by Book'd Out

Here are the 12 categories:
1.  History
The Madman's Library by Edward Brooke-Hitching
Pockets: An Intimate History of How We Keep Things Close by Hannah Carlson
Bizarre London: Discover the Capital's Secrets & Surprises by David Long
- The Book Lovers' Miscellany by Claire Cock-Starkey

2.  Biography / Memoir
The Pulling by Adele Dumont
Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris
Bibliomaniac by Robin Ince
- Happy-Go-Lucky by David Sedaris

3.  Science
Hello Sleep: The Science and Art of Overcoming Insomnia Without Medications by Jade Wu

4.  Food
Butter: A Rich History by Elaine Khosrova

5.  Health

Vital Organs by Suzie Edge
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
- My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday

6.  True Crime
- Joe Cinque's Consolation by Helen Garner

7.  Culture
Magic Words by Jonah Berger
Butts: A Backstory by Heather Radke

8.  Transportation

9.  The Future

10. Pets

11. Architecture

12. Published in 2024

Books I'm planning to read for the challenge:
- 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson (reading now)
- History Stinks! Poo Through the Ages by Suzie Edge
(reading now for the Published in 2024 prompt)
- Sociopath by Patric Gagne (up next for the Published in 2024 prompt)

You can join in too! Social media tags: #ReadNonFicChal @bookdout (Twitter) @shelleyrae_bookdout (Instagram).

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2024

Hosted by Marg at The Intrepid Reader, I've signed up to complete the Medieval Reader level this year. For this I'll need to read and review 15 historical fiction books in order to successfully complete the challenge.
Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2024 logo by The Intrepid Reader

1. The Bee and the Orange Tree by Melissa Ashley
2. The Beauties by Lauren Chater
3. The Library Thief by Kuchenga ShenjΓ©
4. The Warm Hands of Ghosts by Katherine Arden
5. Black Silk & Sympathy by Deborah Challinor
6. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See
7. Weyward by Emilia Hart

Books I'm planning to read for the challenge:
- A Short Walk Through a Wide World by Douglas Westerbeke (up next)

You can join in too! Social media tags: #histficreadingchallenge @MargReads (Twitter & Instagram)


I hope you'll enjoy following my reading progress as I make my way through these challenges and let me know if you're participating in any reading challenges this year.

Carpe Librum!

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