28 May 2006

Review: Stillriver by Andrew Rosenheim

Stillriver by Andrew Rosenheim book cover
Stillriver is the first book I've read by Andrew Rosenheim, and it was a reasonably good murder mystery. 

The novel has an underlying theme of small town life and the conflicting emotions experienced by the main character when he returns to his small home town in Michigan. 

I found it hard to believe that he finally 'gets the girl' at the end, (his high school sweetheart) after so much turmoil and hardship over the preceding years.

Rating = **

Carpe Librum!
21 May 2006

Review: Da Vinci Code movie

The release of the much awaited film the Da Vinci Code has been met with negative reviews around the world. Well, I've just seen the movie myself, and can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it! The plot stayed true to the book, and I enjoyed the trail of art, historic buildings/locations, puzzles and codes. The conspiracies are thought provoking, and I find the objections to this film astonishing, given it is being presented as fiction, not fact.

I would definitely recommend it!

My rating = ****

That's my four bucks!
11 May 2006

Google Books!

My favourite website at the moment is from Google and is called: http://books.google.com/

You can google books by title and author, and view the contents/index page, front and back cover and sample pages of the book.

It's amazing and an absolute must for book lovers!

That's my four bucks!