20 November 2020

Review: Northside by Warren Kirk

Northside by Warren Kirk book cover
* Copy courtesy of Scribe Publications *

Warren Kirk is an Australian photographer living in Melbourne and Northside - A time and place is the first collection of his I've read. In it, he uses his creative eye to photograph people, workplaces, homes and buildings in Melbourne's northern suburbs and the results are engrossing.

Northside begins with an introduction by well known author Christos Tsiolkas who expertly prepares the reader for the nostalgic journey to the past which is to follow.

This collection focusses on scenes that seem frozen in time and they made me incredibly nostalgic for a lost era; a time not too long ago that still exists in little known pockets of society that Kirk seems to have a knack for uncovering.

Some of the photos had an exhilarating effect, making me want to jump up and help clean a workspace or re-arrange the shelf displays in a milk bar while others had a calming effect, as thoughts of previous generations and the lives they led in those places washed over me.

Kirk's photographs stir reflections about the human impact on the spaces we inhabit, the immigrant experience, appreciation for the work ethic of blue collar workers and nostalgia for an era in time some of us can still recall or see in echoes all around us.

I dearly wish Kirk had provided some accompanying text for each of the photographs to explain a little about the subjects or subject matter, however I understand that not knowing anything about the subject matter forces the reader to imagine the life and spaces depicted.

Northside by Warren Kirk has captured and preserved a slice of Melbourne's social history that I believe is important and will be enjoyed by many.

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