09 August 2020

Review: Find Your Light by Belinda Davidson

Find Your Light by Belinda Davidson book cover
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Australian Belinda Davidson is a psychic, an empath, and a medium and has been working as a professional intuitive and spiritual coach and mentor for more than 20 years. In Find Your Light, Belinda takes us through the discovery of her psychic gift and the traumatic years through which she tried to find her way.

She eventually began working with people and delving into their past lives as a way to heal the problems they were experiencing in this one (health, relationships, money etc) but soon her work began to focus on chakra healing.

When I first learned about Belinda Davidson's work as a professional medical intuitive working with doctors and medical practitioners, my first thought was that I desperately wanted to make an appointment with her. I've been struggling with a chronic pain condition for years now and wanted to know if she could help me. It was a bitter blow to learn Belinda no longer does individual readings and sessions and instead her career has evolved to encompass teaching others to do the same type of work.

In the second half of her book, Belinda guides the reader through the basics of chakra healing and wellbeing and describes how she has used her ability as a medical intuitive to help people heal their bodies with chakra healing.

Until now, I've only had a very basic awareness of chakras, but for some reason I've never been interested enough to find out more about them. Find Your Light is the perfect book for newbies (like me) and I read Belinda's patient stories with a keen interest. However, given her ability as a ghost whisperer to communicate with people who are stuck or trapped on the earth plane (Page 276) I found myself wanting to learn more about this. And in particular, why Belinda decided not to work in this area. This felt like a missing piece of the story and the only reason this book didn't earn a full 5 stars from me.

Since finishing the book a week and a half ago, I've been doing a chakra cleansing meditation every night. I now know the seven chakras and their associated colours and plan to continue the meditation process. I haven't noticed any changes in my body yet, but if I stop now, I'll never know for sure.

Find Your Light is a memoir, spiritual journey and self-help book combined and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Skeptics can skip this one, but those with an interest in exploring the energy centres of the body and one woman's psychic ability to heal others will find this an absorbing read.

Carpe Librum!

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