17 August 2020

Review: Written In Blood by Chris Carter

Written In Blood by Chris Carter book cover
* Copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster *

Written In Blood by Chris Carter is the next in the Robert Hunter series, and just like the others, it can be enjoyed as a stand alone.

In this outing, Angela Wood is a skilled pickpocket and gets more than she bargains for when she steals a bag containing the diary and journal of a killer. He wants it back at all costs and it's up to Robert Hunter and Garcia to catch him before he hurts anyone else.

Despite the length coming in at just under 500 pages, Carter's trademark fast pace and intelligent plotting make this a quick read.

It came as a complete shock however when I read the moving dedication at the beginning of the book. I didn't know about the death of his partner Kara last year and was moved by the fact he chose to share his dedication to Kara and include all those who have lost their lives to COVID-19. I later learned that Carter barely managed to overcome his crippling grief and depression to finish this book and my heart goes out to him.

I'm happy to say that as a reader and reviewer, I saw no signs that this book was affected by the author's grief and loss. To his credit, Written In Blood is just as gripping as the previous two in the series (Hunting Evil and The Gallery of the Dead) and was actually a five star read for me.

Highly recommended for fans of crime fiction.

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