25 March 2018

Review: Gallery of the Dead by Chris Carter

* Copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster *

Gallery of the Dead by Chris Carter is a crime novel and despite being ninth in the Robert Hunter series, can easily be read as a stand alone. I'm new to this author and I was impressed by the tight writing and crime-solving he's got going on.

Robert Hunter is the star of the show - so to speak - and is an impressive main character. He has a PhD in Criminal Behaviour Analyses and Biopsychology and after turning down the role of FBI Profiler at the National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime, he joined the LAPD.

Working in the LAPD Homicide Special Section, Robert Hunter is assigned to a specialised unit called Ultra Violent Crimes Unit. This means he oozes qualifications and experience all of which make him a kick ass crime fighter with a reputation for catching bad guys guilty of terrible crimes.

Hunter and his partner team up with the FBI to catch an elusive serial killer and the clues and messages left by the killer keep the story moving swiftly. The graphic nature of the crimes are offset by a good sense of humour, with Hunter's partner Garcia delivering many sarcastic one liners that made me chuckle. Here's one of my favourites from Hunter's boss:

"Every time you have one of your hunches, Robert, we need to brace ourselves for a shit storm, and this is already starting to look like a hurricane." Page 71

Gallery of the Dead by Chris Carter is highly recommended for fans of the crime fiction genre.

My rating = ****

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