17 June 2020

Review: The Innocent Reader - Reflections on Reading & Writing by Debra Adelaide

The Innocent Reader - Reflections on Reading and Writing by Debra Adelaide book cover
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Debra Adelaide is an Australian author and editor of more than 16 books and an Associate Professor in Creative Writing. It's fair to say she knows a lot when it comes to the art of writing - and reading for that matter. In this collection of essays, Debra reflects on her love of reading and her long and successful writing and teaching career in Australia.

Debra's enthusiasm for books and learning is infectious and I could relate to much of the content. Her passion for literature shines through as she looks back at her discovery of reading, formative reading years and later teaching years. She also includes a handy reference section at the end of each essay, listing all of the works mentioned.

Part memoir and part love letter to literature, Debra freely offers priceless advice for students, writers, reviewers and readers. I particularly enjoyed her essay about the ethics of reviewing entitled The Front Line and this quote:
"Besides, the job of the reviewer is to review the book, not to worry about how what they might say will either further or impede its author's career." Page 182
The Innocent Reader - Reflections on Reading and Writing by Debra Adelaide is a great resource for emerging writers; seasoned writers; wannabe editors; expert editors; teachers and of course every kind of reader there is. As Debra says:
"There can never be too many books, or too many writers. Or too many readers, or too. much reading." Page 166
And of course I wholeheartedly agree.

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