12 June 2020

Review: Where the Dead Go by Sarah Bailey

Where the Dead Go by Sarah Bailey book cover
Published by Allen & Unwin
RRP $29.99 AUD
* Copy courtesy of Allen & Unwin *

Where the Dead Go by Sarah Bailey is the third book in the Gemma Woodstock series by this talented Australian author. Gemma is a Detective Sergeant and when we catch up with her she's living in Sydney and in a relationship with former work colleague Mac.

This all changes when she's drawn back to Smithson and faced with a personal tragedy. Gemma is quick to volunteer to investigate the disappearance of a 15yo girl and the murder of her boyfriend in the NSW coastal town of Fairhaven and takes her son Ben with her on the case to buy some thinking time. While I didn't agree with Gemma's decision to take a case in order to escape her grief and problems (how does this best serve the relatives of the missing and murdered?) neither did any of her family members. Making a decision like that on the day of the funeral and wrenching your son away from all he knows seemed reckless, selfish and irresponsible.

Despite this, I was relieved to discover Gemma had matured quite a lot since the series began with The Dark Lake - and continued with Into the Night - and didn't ruffle my feathers as often as she did early on.

Fairhaven has its fair share of nefarious activities past and present and Gemma doesn't waste any time digging into everybody and everything. The local characters were engaging and the crimes held my interest.

Where the Dead Go can be read as a standalone and is the best book of the series so far in my opinion. Highly recommended. You can read the opening chapters on the publisher's website.

Carpe Librum!

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  1. My only disappointment with this book was that it was the last one in the series!

    1. Is it really? How did I not know that? I assumed the series would continue and it's getting better with each book, so why stop?

  2. I have read The Dark Lake and have the next two on my shelf. I'm really glad you enjoyed them. Must push them up my TBR pile!

    1. You have a lot to look forward to in that case Veronica :-)

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