23 August 2021

Review: The Ex-Husband by Karen Hamilton

The Ex-Husband by Karen Hamilton book cover
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In The Ex-Husband by Karen Hamilton, married couple Charlotte and Sam work together on cruise ships to befriend rich guests and con them out of their money. They only target those who can afford it, and spin elaborate tales of woe to convince their targets to donate to fundraising pages. These 'worthy' causes are entirely fiction, and the pair line their own pockets as they aspire to lead the lifestyles of their wealthy targets.

Unfolding in dual timelines (then and now), Charlotte has broken up with Sam and is trying to live a good life when she starts receiving threats. She learns Sam is missing, but can't help wondering if this is just another one of his scams. Is he the one behind the threats or has a victim of their fraud tracked her down, looking for justice?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton back in March 2018 and have been keeping my out out for Hamilton's books since then. There are some similarities between Juliette (of The Perfect Girlfriend) and Charlotte in The Ex-Husband. They're both slightly dysfunctional main characters who regularly overstep the boundaries of what we would call acceptable, however in this case, Charlotte is a con-woman and a criminal. Charlotte's complicity and avarice made her a less enjoyable protagonist than Juliette, but I was still caught up in trying to solve the mystery before Charlotte did or it was too late.

The Ex-Husband is a thrilling mystery and I enjoyed uncovering the full scope of Sam and Charlotte's deceptions while trying to work out who was behind the increasingly dangerous threats. The Ex-Husband is recommended for thriller readers and those who miss being on the high seas.

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