16 October 2022

Review: Yours In Books by Julie Falatko

Yours In Books by Julie Falatko book cover

Children's books that celebrate a love of reading will get me every time, and I couldn't resist purchasing a copy of Yours In Books by Julie Falatko. Our main character is Owl T. Fencepost and all he wants is to be left alone in his tree house to read his books in peace.

Owl lives at the top of an old oak tree and is bothered by noisy animals. Frustrated, he writes a letter to a bookshop after perusing their marvellous catalog and a friendship slowly develops. The entire book is told in a series of letters and book recommendations (two of my favourite things), and Owl begins to make a new friend in the owner of the bookshop, Bessie Squirrel.

Illustrated by Gabriel Alborozo, the book is full of cheerful and charming illustrations and I heartily enjoyed reading the letters and observing the relationship growing between the two characters with each letter they wrote, sent and received. The book recommendations were amusing too and I think older readers will enjoy the titles.

It was immediately clear - to me anyway - that Yours In Books is a different take on 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff. For those who haven't had the pleasure, 84 Charing Cross Road is a non fiction collection of letters initiated by Helene Hanff living in New York to a second hand bookshop in London called Messrs Marks and Co. The letters were part of a 20 year correspondence between Hanff and Frank Doel and while it was published in 1970, I thoroughly enjoyed it in 2012.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that ten years later I'm reading a children's book that seems to be inspired by 84 Charing Cross Road or the 1987 movie starring Judi Dench and Anthony Hopkins.

The choice to present this delightful read for a new generation of little readers in a dust jacket is once again an interesting choice for a children's book. When reviewing The Farmhouse I observed that this was an odd choice for a children's book, but you tell me. Is this the trend in children's books? Do parents, librarians and teachers think it's a good idea?

Yours In Books by Julie Falatko and illustrated by Gabriel Alborozo is an engaging little story and I look forward to sharing it with my niece and nephew.

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