14 June 2022

Review: Unforgiven by Sarah Barrie

Unforgiven by Sarah Barrie book cover

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I was hooked by page 2 of this Australian crime thriller Unforgiven by Sarah Barrie. Lexi Winter is a tough, kick ass character with the skills of a hacker and she's willing to navigate the depths of the dark web to find the worst of the worst. Working as an escort, Lexi embraces her vigilantism in her off time by trapping perverts online and turning paedophiles over to the authorities. I didn't get on with Devil's Lair by Sarah Barrie several years ago, but Unforgiven is completely different! 

Set on the NSW Central Coast, Detective Finn Carson and neighbour Dawny were especially memorable characters, and the complex and complicated relationship and backstory between Lexi and Detective Inspector Rachael Langley kept the narrative driving forward.

Barrie's writing style and sense of humour on the page often reminded me of Jack Heath's style and I hope she continues writing in this vain; especially with fun descriptions like this:
"I cast a quick glance at my next-door neighbours' place just to be sure. I avoid the Parkhursts the way others might avoid an unflushed hospital toilet. Their place is as old and boring as everyone else's, but they lord it over our dismal little community like royalty and hate me with a passion. Probably because I go out of my way to annoy them whenever I can be bothered." Page 61
My only criticism would be a few too many character POV changes throughout the novel which made it feel like it jumped around a little. Of course, this also contributed to the quick pace but the character connections and relationships could be a little confusing at times.

Unforgiven by Sarah Barrie is highly recommended for crime fiction fans of: Jack Heath, Jane Harper, Chris Hammer, Candice Fox, Sarah Bailey and Emma Viskic. It seems we're in the midst of another Aussie crime fiction boom and the books just keep on coming! How lucky we are.

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