27 May 2022

Friday Freebie and Review: Blobfish by Olaf Falafel

Blobfish by Olaf Falafel book cover

* Copy courtesy of Walker Books Australia *


It's been a while since I've reviewed a children's picture book, but I just couldn't resist Blobfish, just look at his cute little face!


A heartfelt and humorous adventure from the bottom of the sea and beyond, following one fish on an epic journey.

Deep, deep, deep under the sea … lives Blobfish! Blobfish loves telling jokes, although he has no one to share them with, so he sets off on an adventure to find a friend. But sometimes friends turn up in the most unexpected places, even at the bottom of the ocean. This heartfelt and humorous story gently introduces children to themes of friendship, belonging and the issue of plastics in our oceans.


Blobfish is a sad and lonely little fish who has no friends and sets out to find one. His journey is heartfelt and I was surprised when he started hanging out with the wrong crowd. There's an important message here about rubbish, plastic and the ever increasing problem of plastic polluting the ocean, but presented in a way that even 3yo readers can understand.

Written and illustrated by Olaf Falafel (a nom de plume) Blobfish is recommended for 3+ readers and will be released on 1 June 2022.

My Rating:
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  1. Too bad this is not available yet in the US. Hopefully it will be soon.

    1. I'll keep my fingers crossed you can get it in the US soon Deb.

  2. Wow i won,
    thanks for my copy of blobfish he will be much loved 😍


Thanks for your comment, Carpe Librum!