30 December 2021

In 2021...My Life In Books

In 2021...My Life in Books - image by Shelleyrae Book'd Out

Celebrating my life in books was so much fun last year I decided to do it again in 2021 thanks to Shelleyrae from Book'd Out.

The idea is to complete each of the prompts below by selecting a book you've read during 2021.

2021 was the year of: The Emporium of Imagination by Tabitha Bird
In 2021 I wanted (to be have): The World at My Feet by Catherine Isaac
In 2021 I was: A Voice in the Night by Sarah Hawthorn
In 2021 I gained: Silence by John Biguenet
In 2021 I lost: The Lost Girls by Jennifer Spence
In 2021 I loved: Christmas in Suburbia by Warren Kirk
In 2021 I hated: Dust by Michael Marder
In 2021 I learned: How to Behave Badly in Renaissance Britain by Ruth Goodman
In 2021 I was surprised by: Gory Details by Erika Engelhaupt
In 2021 I went to: The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward
In 2021 I missed out on: The World of PostSecret by Frank Warren
In 2021 my family were: Elsewhere by Dean Koontz
In 2022 I hope: Everything is Beautiful by Eleanor Ray

If you'd like to do this challenge, please consider yourself tagged. Feel free to leave your answers below or come back and provide a link to your post so I can check out your 2021 in books.

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  1. Love this! Always so much fun to see everyone’s answers.

    1. Thanks Veronica, are you giving this a go this year? If so, please feel free to share your link so we can enjoy your selections.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Shelleyrae, this was another fun challenge this year.

  3. I'll give this a try, I did it last year too. In 2022 I hope Everything is beautiful also :-)

    1. Thanks Claire, it's lots of fun isn't it? Let's keep our fingers crossed 2022 is a year where Everything is Beautiful :-)

  4. Thanks Tracey, my answewrs are here. Have a happy new year x http://clairesreadsandreviews.home.blog/2021/12/31/my-life-in-books-2021/

    1. I love your answers Claire, well done! You've got some pearlers there :-D


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