15 February 2015

Review: The Chronicles of Dandelion and Ash Series, Book 1 and Book 2 by V.N. Kelly-Clark and D.J. Kelly-Clark

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Dandelion (The Chronicles of Dandelion and Ash Book 1) 

Dandelion is a delightful children's book written by V.N Kelly-Clark and illustrated by D.J. Kelly-Clark.

This Australian husband and wife team introduce young readers to Dandelion, a faery who doesn't like to brush her hair. Dandelion's hair is thick and white-blond and so tangled and knotted that she gets it caught all the time.

I'm sure all kids and parents can relate to Dandelion's fear of having her hair brushed or cut and her subsequent adventures.

Dandelion is a quick and easy read for bedtime, and my only regret is that I desperately wanted to see one last illustration of Dandelion at the end of the book.

Sugar Rush (The Chronicles of Dandelion and Ash Book 2)

Sugar Rush is the second book in The Chronicles of Dandelion and Ash series of e-books from husband and wife team V.N & D.J. Kelly-Clark. 

In this instalment, Ash (Dandelion's brother) finds himself in trouble after eating sweet treats that give him a sugar rush. This is no ordinary sugar rush though as sugar can make a faery's wings fall right off and Dandelion has forgotten to warn her brother.

Sugar Rush is longer and contains more illustrations than Dandelion, and the symptoms Ash experiences during the sugar rush are funny and clever at the same time.

Recommended reading age for both picture books is 3-7 years.

My ratings as follows:

Dandelion = ****

Sugar Rush = ***

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