25 April 2016

Review: The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell

* Copy courtesy of NetGalley *

The Silent Twin is my first Caroline Mitchell novel and features one of my favourite tropes, a detective (in this case DC Knight) who uses their supernatural abilities to solve crime. Add to that the case of a missing nine year old twin and a suitably creepy cover, and I was ready to fall in love with The Silent Twin. Unfortunately this was just an okay read for me.

DC Knight's abilities weren't explained well enough for my liking, although to be fair, this is the third in the Detective Jennifer Knight series by Mitchell. It should be noted then that if character development is important to you, you'll want to start at the beginning of the series, however the novel can be read as a standalone.

Blackwater Farm was a great setting, but the 'whodunnit reveal' came from left field and to be honest I felt a little jibbed. Unless I'm the dumbest reader on NetGalley, I didn't pick the person responsible for the twin's disappearance although thankfully wasn't fooled by the red herrings thrown in. Oh well, it happens.

Overall, The Silent Twin was an okay read that had stacks of potential but fell short for me. I believe the author/publisher opted for the safe road here instead of making more of the supernatural elements and the entities at Blackwater Farm.

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!

I've flagged Caroline Mitchell's Paranormal Intruder as a book I think I'll enjoy a lot more; being a personal account of paranormal activity in her home.

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