08 April 2016

Friday Freebie: Choosing Xaverique by Karyn Sepulveda

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* Copy courtesy of Noble Words *

“I died this morning. At exactly 8.17am my heart stopped beating and I lay cold and still in the street. At 8.24am my heart resumed beating, I jumped up from the dusty pavement and ran home. Confused? Well, that makes two of us.”

Gabby Valis is just your average 15-year-old Sydneysider, with a life full of best friends, boys and school. At least, that’s what Gabby believes. But dying a horrible death – and inexplicably making a full recovery from her horrific injuries almost instantly – is bound to change a person. Gabby discovers that, like her father and grandmother, she is a Xaverique, a super-species with extraordinary powers that evolved from humans long ago. She must resolve to use these powers – and stay a Xaverique – before her 16th birthday or lose them forever.

Gabby’s love for Noah, a boy with terrible secrets, will be tested as she is drawn into battle with a great force for evil. And Noah must resolve some questions of his own: about his nature, his place in the world and where Gabby fits into his existence.

A final showdown – a war between good and evil, between family and true love – will force Gabby and Noah to choose their destinies… and live with the consequences.

This is a powerful urban fantasy with echoes of Cassandra Clare, Stephanie Meyer and Jess Shirvington, an extraordinary young adult debut and the first in a trilogy set in Australia’s iconic Sydney.

Author Bio
Karyn Sepulveda is a teacher and writer of Theatre in Education productions with a Masters in Creative Writing. She is currently writing the sequel to Choosing Xaverique, due for publication in late 2016. Karyn lives in Sydney with her partner and two young children.

For each book sold between 8-12 April, Karyn will give a copy to Father Chris O’Reilly’s Youth Off the Streets centres around Australia, and donate 20 per cent of sales taken between 13-17 April to this amazing charity.

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  1. I really want to know more about being a Xaverique.

  2. Thanks Mary, hope you entered the giveaway so you can find out.

  3. This giveaway is now closed, thanks to those who entered.


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