24 June 2015

Review: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The Pearl is the first book I've read by John Steinbeck, better known for Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath.

I thought I'd start with something easy, and a parable of just under 100 pages seemed like a good place to start. I should also admit to being influenced by this stunning clothbound classic; I'm in love with these lately.

Kino is a hardworking pearl diver living a simple life, until he finds the pearl of a lifetime. Happy and content with his life before the pearl, he suddenly desires more than he has and is surrounded by greed and envy.

Kino's experience from the moment he discovers the pearl to the bitter end, is an example of how greed and evil can cloud your decisions, and the consequences when we fall victim to these desires.

I read that Steinbeck was inspired to write The Pearl based on a Mexican folktale, and it doesn't surprise me.

Readers who enjoyed The Alchemist will love the simple life lessons contained in The Pearl. I also think this parable is suitable for younger readers, from middle school right through to high school age.

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!

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  1. This sounds like a good way to introduce Steinbeck. I have this as part of a collection of Steinbeck's shorter works, so I will have to get to it.

  2. Thanks Josh I thought it was too, hope you enjoy it.


Thanks for your comment, Carpe Librum!