09 June 2015

Guest post and giveaway from author Vanessa Skye: why we're fascinated by vampires

Author Vanessa Skye
So who isn’t fascinated by vampires, really? Even with the current domination by vampires in the romance novel category, the fascination remains, and we eagerly await the next incarnation of this genre.

I can’t tell you how many nights I lay awake as a teen and begged for a visit from a local vampire to rescue me from my life, take me away, turn me and make me immortal. Never happened though, dammit! Instead, I decided to create my own vampire world in Koven, and the ride was indeed fun.

So why are we, as humans, so fascinated by these mythical creatures?

Vampires are powerful. At one time or another in our lives, we have all felt quite powerless, whether we are being bullied at school or work, or we are feeling put upon or taken for granted by others. So, the idea of being a powerful vampire, with superhuman powers and abilities is pretty appealing. Not only would bullying be a problem of the past, but vengeance also becomes an easy option. People always want more power, so it’s unsurprising that we love our vampires.

Vampires are immortal, and who doesn’t want to live forever? Imagine all the changes you could witness in human history? Imagine what you could achieve without the shackles of mortality limiting your potential? Enough said really.

Vampires are sexy, and not because they are always portrayed as being good looking (because they don’t have enough going for them!). They are the perfect ‘bad boy’, offering that elusive mix of sensitivity and brute strength. They are the oppressors and the protectors in a single hot package. If a vampire loves you, you’d never have to feel unsafe again. And then there are the fangs. Long, elongated, penetrative. It’s doesn’t get much more phallic than that, does it?

Vampires are above the law. You can try to catch a vampire, but it’s unlikely to go well for you. Vampires have freedom, because they can act outside the law, and with caring about consequences or repercussions. 

My fascination with vampires started when I first read Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice.

I devoured the entire series in just days because Anne managed to capture all the frailties and sensitivities of these beings, and mix them with just the right amount of power and naughtiness. 

I loved it all. I loved Louis with his conscience. I loved Lestat in all his unashamed manipulations, indulgence and wickedness, plus his name “Lestat de Lioncourt”; I mean could there be a better name for a character in the entire history of the novel?

And Armand—so sexy. The Vampire Chronicles propelled vampires from being evil, bloodsucking minions of satan, to being these sexy, beautiful, sexually ambiguous, erotic Gods that all us sadly-mortal humans aspire to be.

This is the book that started the modern love of the vampire. Bram Stoker’s Dracula, while great, was published a century before this and had long since dropped off your average teenager’s reading list. Anne Rice brought sexy vampires to the apex of pop culture, and they haven’t left since.

We all love our naughty vampire gods!

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Koven by
Vanessa Skye
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