04 November 2014

Review: Skinjob | Bruce McCabe

* Copy courtesy of Random House Books *

Skinjob is an exciting techno-thriller set in the near future from debut Australian author Bruce McCabe. Daniel Madsen is our protagonist; a Federal Agent with a small handheld lie detector unit, called to join the task force after a bombing in downtown San Francisco.

The target of the bombing was a brothel (called a dollhouse) where patrons pay to spend time with lifelike sex robots; called skinjobs because of their lifelike skin.

Skinjob includes the political landscape of the world McCabe has created, and features a religious movement that's more like a giant advertising machine than a church. The New Christian Organization of America (NeChristo) is a suspect in the bombing due to their protests against Dreamcom - the manufacturers of the skinjobs. 

NeChristo directly transmits their daily podcasts to their millions of followers by use of G-rings (cross-shaped earring that acts as a receiver and earpiece). A scary thought indeed. The descriptions of the NeChristo headquarters showed incredible imagination by the author and I wouldn't be surprised if his words inspired an architect or two in the process. I'd definitely want to visit!

Starting out as a self-published novel before being picked up by Bantam Press (Random House Books), McCabe's writing is unexpectedly polished and tight, and gives the impression of an experienced writer.

I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller, with more to offer than just crime, action and suspense. There's much to consider here and the reader is entertained in the process.

My rating = ****

Carpe Librum!


Michael Kitto said...

I enjoyed the whole concept of this book, the whole political discussion around "sexdolls" was interesting

Tracey said...

Completely agree with you Michael, thanks for your comment.

Deborah said...

I enjoyed this as well. I particularly liked the fact that McCabe touched on a range of social / political issues.


Tracey said...

Thanks Deb me too. It will be interesting to watch and see if sex dolls (robotic ones) will enter the sex industry in the next few years. I can definitely see it happening.