09 December 2013

Review: The Art of Clean Up - Life Made Neat and Tidy | Ursus Wehrli

I loved the work of Ursus Wehrli as soon as I saw it.  He takes every day settings and objects, and breaks them down, grouping the items in columns according to a new order.

The order could be determined by size, colour or any number of factors, but it's very amusing to see what he does with objects in a bowl of fruit salad (demonstrated on the cover, left) or a car park full of cars.

I love the way this artist thinks, and by looking at his work I really appreciate his way of seeing the world and the effort he sometimes goes to in order to achieve his re-ordering of the world.  

Here's an example of his work:
Bunch of flowers, before Ursus Wehrli

Same bunch of flowers 'tidied up' by Ursus Wehrli
I won't spoil the book by including any more examples, but you I'm sure you get the gist.  A fabulous, funny and clever book I recommend for all ages.  I think kids in particular will enjoy emulating the Wehrli style.

My rating = *****

Carpe Librum!

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