31 December 2013

Completed Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2013

It was a close call, but I've successfully completed the Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2013. The challenge was hosted by My Reader's Block and the aim was to read only books purchased prior to 1 Jan 2013.

I successfully climbed Pike's Peak by reading the following 12 books:
1.  The Secret Keeper | Kate Morton
2.  The Internet is a Playground | David Thorne
3.  Exit Wounds | John Cantwell
4.  Chasing Odysseus | S.D. Gentill
5.  Alex Cross's Trial | James Patterson
6.  The Drawing of the Three | Stephen King
7.  Prophecy | S.J. Parris
8.  O, Juliet | Robin Maxwell
9.  Cloudstreet | Tim Winton
10. Oliver Twist | Charles Dickens
11. 11.22.63 | Stephen King
12. Written On The Skin: An Australian Forensic Casebook | Liz Porter

This challenge was so successful that my to-be-read (TBR) pile is now nicely under control.  The minimum challenge for 2014 is 12 books, and given I don't have that many on my shelf right now, I won't be participating in this challenge again next year.

It certainly doesn't mean you can't though, just click here for the details, and I may re-join everyone in 2015.

Carpe Librum!

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