29 December 2023

Non Fiction 2023 Reader Challenge Completed

Non Fiction 2023 Reader Challenge Completed logo by Book'd Out

I love participating in the Non Fiction Reading Challenge hosted by fellow Aussie book blogger Shelleyrae at Book'd Out and this year I signed up for the Nonfiction Nibbler level of the challenge. For this, I was required to read and review 6 books from any of the categories listed below.

I successfully completed the challenge, so here's what I read:

Black - The History of a Colour by Michel Pastoureau
The Dirt on Clean - An Unsanitized History by Katherine Ashenburg
This Mortal Coil - A History of Death by Andrew Doig
The Secret History of Christmas by Bill Bryson

On Writing - A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King
And Away... by Bob Mortimer
What Lies Beneath - My Life as a Forensic Search and Rescue Expert by Peter Faulding

Crime & Punishment
The Widow of Walcha by Emma Partridge
Badness by Gary Jubelin

Storm in a Teacup - The Physics of Everyday Life by Helen Czerski
Thinking with Your Hands by Susan Golden-Meadow

Built to Move - The 10 Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully
Bizarre - The Most Peculiar Cases of Human Behavior and What They Tell Us about How the Brain Works by Marc Dingman

Maphead - Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks by Ken Jennings

RecipeTin Eats Dinner by Nagi Maehashi

Social Media
Copywrong to Copywriter by Tait Ischia


Sorry, Sorry, Sorry by Marjorie Ingall & Susan McCarthy
Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh
Fierce Love by Susan Scott

The Arts
Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera Companion
Almost Lost Arts by Emily Freidenrich
The Book of the Raven - Corvids in Art & Legend by Angus Hyland & Caroline Roberts

Published in 2023
Shoes - An Illustrated History by Rebecca Shawcross
Corners of Melbourne by Robyn Annear
Retro Sydney 1950-2000 by Nathan Mete
You're All Talk by Rob Drummond

I was happy to read from every category in the challenge except for sport. Did you read any stand out non fiction this year or have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to sign up for the challenge with me in 2024.

Carpe Librum!

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  1. I read 10 books for the challenge. I'm yet to do my wrap-up post but my favourite was Undefenable by Sulari Gentill about the 20019/2020 fires in Batlow.

    1. Great to be doing this challenge with you again Veronica, I haven't read the Sulari Gentil title, will go and check out the blurb!

  2. You have done incredibly well. I read 17 non fiction books this year meeting all but one category. I just couldn’t find anything about social media that a) was available from the library or b) met my interest. I love non fiction and memoirs so I’ll probably do the challenge again in 2024.

    1. Thanks Diana, it was fun trying to come up with a title for your social media category, did you ever check out Rental Person Who Does Nothing? It's set in Japan. Looking forward to discovering some great non fiction this year!

  3. I did try to get Rental Person Who Does Nothing from the library but there was a long queue and I didn’t receive it in time for the challenge. After I posted here I realised I did get a social media book read. I read Fake - A Startling True Story of Love in a World of Liars, Cheats, Narcissists, Fantasists and Phonies by Stephanie Wood. What a horrible book! Stephanie met a guy online and started dating him. He strung her along with lies, fabrications etc. Thankfully she dumped him but then went on a quest to expose online frauds in the dating world.

    1. Great news that you did end up reading a book for the Social Media prompt after all. It sounds like an eye opener, that's for sure! Glad to be joining you again for the challenge this year.


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