05 July 2017

Review: Forgotten by Nicole Trope

* Copy courtesy of GoodReads giveaway and Allen & Unwin *

Forgotten by Nicole Trope is a fast-paced race against time to find baby Zach after his mum Malia left him asleep in the car while she ducked in to a shop to buy milk. This is mentioned in the blurb, so don't worry it's not a spoiler, but the suspense quickly builds in the search for Zach.

Unfolding from multiple points of view, Detective Ali Greenberg is a realistic and likeable character while elderly nosy parker Edna is a terrific character. Edna lives in a lively boarding house and I really enjoyed her chapters.

Many readers will find Malia's harried career mum character very relatable and her reaction to Zach's disappearance heartbreaking. The disintegrating dynamic between Malia and her husband is explored and was also well-portrayed.

Despite knowing who took Zach, Trope is still able to create palpable tension and has produced a gripping read here. With short chapters and large font, I sped through Forgotten to reach the conclusion and I'm pleased to say it was a satisfying ending.

Nicole Trope is an accomplished Australian author with six previous novels under her belt although this is my first time reading one of them. I can highly recommend Forgotten and I'm very tempted to read The Boy Under The Table next.

My rating = ****

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