30 June 2017

Friday Freebie: WIN a print copy of Lovesick by Jean Flynn

RRP $29.99AUD
* Copy courtesy of XOUM *

Today's giveaway is a witty contemporary romance novel by debut Australian author Jean Flynn.

Beth is an absolute wreck. She is certain that she has some kind of disease — a fatal one, most likely. She is also very single and quite keen on her (boss) colleague, Dr Brendan Roberts. He seems to fancy her, too — well, until The Morning After.

Beth knows it’s time to sort out her messy life, but she has no idea where to start.

Enter Shane — a slightly dishevelled forklift driver. He may not be suave or wealthy, but he does laugh at Beth’s jokes and remember how she likes her coffee. Plus, the more they hang out, the healthier she feels.

But when Shane suddenly cuts off all communication, Beth starts to think there’s no such thing as The One, and she decides to stop being slapdash and move on. Only life is never that simple, and Beth must take a chance if she hopes to find the cure to her ills.

Lovesick is a big-hearted romance about getting sick, getting better and taking risks.

Author Bio
Jean Flynn was born in Melbourne and currently lives in Ballarat, Victoria. She teaches creative writing at Federation University and Lovesick is her first novel. 

Carpe Librum!


Mary Preston said...

Being LOVESICK can be horrible. There is a cure though.

Rosalie said...

Listening to the old song What became of the brokenhearted...

Tracey said...

Thanks Mary & Rosalie, I agree listening to music can help to cure the feeling of being lovesick. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Add chocolate (Freddo Frogs) and icecream - great distractions to that list!

Amanda Barrett said...

Add chocolate (Freddo Frogs) and icecream - great distractions to that list!

Suzanne Robinson said...

This sounds great Tracey. But also laughing at the reminder of the Lovesick song!

Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today

Tracey said...

I like the icecream suggestion Amanda :-) and I'm glad I could make you laugh Suzanne, I love that song!

Thanks for stopping by Cozy in Texas. Good luck to you all in the draw.

Marianne Vincent said...

THanks for offering, sounds like fun!

Tracey said...

Thanks for entering Marianne and it does sound like fun doesn't it? :-)

Tracey said...

Thanks to everyone who entered, this giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced soon.