22 May 2016

Review: Panic Button by Kylie Logan

You can tell by the illustrated cover alone that Panic Button by Kylie Logan is a cozy mystery. Technically, a cozy mystery is a crime novel without the gore (think Miss Marple) and they usually have an artist's impression of an idyllic setting on the front.

Panic Button is centred around a charm string and in the Victorian era, young girls collected and traded buttons and threaded them onto a charm string. It was said that when they'd collected their 1000th button, they would meet their Prince Charming. 

The main character of the series runs a button shop, and given I like buttons and was moderately interested in the creation of charm strings, I thought this would make a fun and easy-going read on the plane home from Hawaii. 

It did, but it also confirmed that cozy mysteries just aren't enough to keep my interest. The main character investigating the crime was just too much for me, but very indicative of the genre. 

Do you like cozy mysteries?

My rating = **

Carpe Librum!

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