18 May 2016

Review: Nyctophobia by Christopher Fowler

Nyctophobia is a fear of the dark (or darkness) and is the perfect title for a novel, don't you think? Paired with an appropriately dark and spooky cover, Nyctophobia by Christopher Fowler ticks the box in a number of genres, including: science fiction, urban fantasy, supernatural and mystery of the highest order.

I'm still reeling from this book. I adored it, it was a five star read..... right up until the ending. This book had me in its grip, but it ended one sentence too soon, argh!!

I haven't stopped thinking about it, and the premise was brilliant. The new owner of Hyperion House in Spain moves in with her husband and agrees to keep on the old housekeeper and gardner. The housekeeper tells her the servants quarters of the grand house never see sunshine and are always locked, refusing to give her the keys. 

Callie won't let it go and wants to know more. Having suffered from nyctophobia as a child, Callie's old fears threaten to resurface when she finally learns what - or who - is occupying the servants quarters.

I won't say anything more, you really need to experience this book for yourself. I wanted a particular ending and my reading experience was scarred when I didn't get it, but Nyctophobia will be up there as one of my favourite reads of the year, I'm sure of it.

My rating = ****

Carpe Librum!

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