12 February 2016

Friday Freebie: WIN a copy of Spellbound by Maree Coote

Published in February 2016
RRP $39.95
* Copy courtesy of Melbournestyle Books *

What's better than spelling a word correctly? Spelling a picture beautifully!
There are shapes all around us… shapes that look like the letters of the A-B-C. Can you find the letters hidden in these pictures of faces, places, animals and things?
Learn how to create your own Letter Art. A fun and challenging design book for readers, writers and graphic designers of all ages.

Beginners: find the letters hidden in the pictures. Fun and educational, Letter Art helps with letter recognition, spelling, reading, writing and observational skills.

Advanced: the first book of its kind, Spellbound reveals a brand new approach to typographic poetry, where serendipity combines with skill to create a unique letter-image.

Spellbound contains 120 pages of unique typographic illustration known as Letter Art. Enter below to win your very own print copy from Melbournestyle Books.



Mary Preston said...

What a fun idea for a book. I like clever.

Tracey said...

Thanks Mary, I agree. Both fun and clever :-)

Tracey said...

Thanks to everyone who entered, this giveaway is now closed.

The winner will be announced on the blog soon.