04 January 2016

Completed Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2015

My favourite genre is historical fiction, so it wasn't hard to complete the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge for 2015 hosted by Passages to the Past and read a minimum of 15 historical fiction novels.

Here's what I read (in order):

1.  The William Shakespeare Detective Agency: The School of Night | Colin Falconer
2.  The Girl in the Photograph | Kate Riordan
3.  The Fairytale Keeper | Andrea Cefalo
4.  Wild Wood | Posie Graeme-Evans
5.  The Witch of Napoli | Michael Schmicker
6.  Ajax Penumbra 1969 | Robin Sloan
7.  The Room Beyond | Stephanie Elmas
8.  The Embroiderer | Kathryn Gauci
9.  The Book of Speculation | Erika Swyler
10. The Anchoress | Robyn Cadwallader
11. Signora da Vinci | Robin Maxwell
12. The Beast's Garden | Kate Forsyth
13. The Taming of the Queen | Philippa Gregory
14. The Chosen Queen | Joanna Courtney
15. Sweet Wattle Creek | Kaye Dobbie
16. The Lake House | Kate Morton
17. The Olmec Obituary | L.J.M Owen
18. The Bookman's Tale | Charlie Lovett
19. The Countess' Captive | Andrea Cefalo

I'll definitely be participating in this challenge again in 2016, so stay tuned for my sign up post if you want to join me.

Carpe Librum!

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