03 December 2015

Review: Musings from the Inner Duck by Australian Cartoonist Michael Leunig

Filled with cartoons, poems and sketches, Musings from the Inner Duck by Michael Leunig is a deep reflection on life; if you're willing to look deep enough that is.

Most Australians will be familiar with Leunig's signature style cartoons, often featuring people with exaggerated noses and of course the curly man.

Leunig's latest offering Musings from the Inner Duck contains countless observations on life (some subtle and some not-so-subtle), commentary on social issues, politics, technology and an underlying love of nature and the environment.

Complete with his signature sense of humour and wit, Musings from the Inner Duck is a great little book to have around at Christmas.

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!

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