15 August 2014

Review: Allegiance by Wanda Wiltshire

* From the publisher for review *

Allegiance by Wanda Wiltshire is the second in the Betrothed series, and picks up right where Betrothed left off.

We catch up with Marla, who has left Faera, and is upset about leaving her betrothed Leif behind.  Marla is supported by her best friend Jack and after realising her romantic feelings for him, they become an item.

This is the beginning (or continuation) of a love triangle between the three main characters (Marla, Jack and Leif) and the romance forms a large part of the novel.  There is physical yearning - between both couples - that is repeatedly denied and which reminded me of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Allegiance will appeal to readers who loved the Twilight series.  However if I'm honest, this isn't me.  

The book started to pick up for me when Marla returned to Faera and started to assist in the tracking down of the Shadow Fae.  It was interesting learning about the evil and darkness in Faera (not just all the good stuff) including the origin and methods of the Shadow Fae.  Their motivations and reasons for bringing horror upon the citizens of Faera was realistic and fit with the fantasy world the author has created.

Copy of Allegiance with
handmade bookmark
from author
Wanda Wiltshire
This darkness and tension was definitely more my style and I really enjoyed this part of the novel.  Even more, my reading was enhanced by the use of a handmade and personalised bookmark from the author (pictured left).

My rating = ****

Carpe Librum!

You can click here to buy the book.  The next in the series is called Confused and is due for release in 2015.

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