04 October 2013

Review: King of the Cross by Mark Dapin

I purchased King of the Cross by Mark Dapin for my Dad for Christmas last year, having previously read and adored Dapin's non-fiction book Fridge Magnets Are Bastards and giving it 5 stars.

Mark Dapin is an Australian author and King of the Cross is a fictionalised account of major Sydney crime figure Jacob Mendoza.  The premise is Mendoza talking to a journalist about his extraordinary life as the Godfather of Kings Cross.  The content is gritty and confronting, and I was glad to read that Mendoza is a fictionalised character.

I thought this novel would be filled with the kind of humour from Fridge Magnets Are Bastards, but while King of the Cross was certainly funny in parts, it was also hard-hitting.

My favourite quote from the book appears on Page 120:
"Also, the deluded moll who had complained of my 'unnatural' behaviour towards her realised that she had forgotten to move to Perth, an omission she remedied within days of the charges being laid."
Dapin has an incredible imagination and Mendoza definitely felt 100% real while I was reading his story.  The language was convincing and it was fascinating to see Dapin pull back the curtain on the bright lights and partying atmosphere of Kings Cross, Sydney.

King of the Cross is for the reader who enjoys cutting edge humour and isn't shocked by foul language or tales of the sex industry.

My rating = ****

Carpe Librum!

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