30 June 2013

Review: Betrothed by Wanda Wiltshire

*From Publisher for Review*

Betrothed is the debut novel from Australian author Wanda Wiltshire and is the first in an 'enchanting faery series'. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Wanda Wiltshire at a Pantera Press Book Launch event in April this year and was immediately impressed by her love of books and writing.

Betrothed is about 17 year old Amy Smith, a sufferer of chronic allergies who's been having weird dreams about the name 'Marla'.  Amy finds out that she's been connecting telepathically with the drop dead gorgeous Leif, a Prince from another land with so much to tell her.

Amy asks her friends to call her Marla and her best friend Jack supports her but her feelings for Leif make it hard for Jack and Marla, who seem to mean more to each other than just best friends.

My copy from Pantera Press
Betrothed is the perfect fantasy romance for young readers and is a very quick and enjoyable read.  There are questions about identity, and I thoroughly enjoyed the construction of the Fae world and its inhabitants; my favourite parts of the novel.  

I also found it refreshing that Marla told her sister and parents what was happening with Lief straight away.  It's so cliche when the main character can't share their news for some reason, or it has to remain a "secret".  I was so glad that everyone could see Lief and Wiltshire did not fall into the same narrative traps that plague many other authors in the YA genre. 

While romance isn't really my cup of tea, I have to remember the audience Betrothed is written for and I'm confident it'll be popular amongst YA readers. Well written and without a single error - extremely rare in this day and age - the cover of Betrothed is a delight and the storyline is well positioned for the next in the series.

My rating = ****

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