27 May 2013

Two Reviews Published in the Crime Guide of the June 2013 Edition of Good Reading Magazine

June 2013 cover of
Good Reading Magazine
I'm thrilled to announce that Good Reading Magazine has published not one, but two of my book reviews in the Special Crime Guide of their June 2013 edition (pictured left and below right).
My photo and review of Blackwater
, and The Collector published in
the June 2013 edition of
Good Reading Magazine

A number of weeks ago GR staff invited readers to submit a review of their favourite crime novel for the special crime guide, and I decided to submit two.  I wasn't sure what other readers might submit and thought I would increase my chances of being published if I chose to review a contemporary crime novel and a vintage classic.

I love supporting Aussie writers, so I decided the first had to be Australian, and there was no question I would be submitting a review for crime novel Blackwater Moon by B. Michael Radburn.

For balance, the second review I chose to submit was a vintage classic in the form of The Collector by John Fowles (4 stars).

I was both surprised and ecstatic to find out a few weeks later that both reviews would be published, and included in the guide alongside a photo in an article called Caught Reading.  Woohoo!!  Without gloating, I've now had a review published each year since 2011 and I'm so proud of this accomplishment.

The special June crime edition of Good Reading Magazine is out now!

Carpe Librum!

Caught Reading article on page 24 & 25 of June 2013 edition of Good Reading Magazine

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  1. Congrats Tracey! I can't afford to subscribe but I am first in the queue when it hits my library shelves each month and I will enjoy looking for them!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. Thanks Shelleyrae, it's my favourite magazine and the only thing I subscribe to. Have you thought of submitting a review? Given your book-a-day habit you would have plenty of choice ;-)


Thanks for your comment, Carpe Librum!