13 October 2012

Review featured on Mamamia Book Circle

I was excited to learn that one of my favourite Australian book celebrities Cheryl Akle is now leading Mamamia Book Circle.  Every month Cheryl will be chatting to authors and talking about new release books as well as old favourites.

In the first episode, Cheryl spoke about the novel Beneath the Darkening Sky by Majok Tulba, a book I reviewed for The Circle on Channel 10 before they were taken off air.  A couple of weeks ago Cheryl asked on Twitter for reviewers to send in their reviews of Beneath the Darkening Sky for 'something special' she was working on and I obliged; not knowing what it might be.

Well, I got a nice surprise while watching Episode 1 of The Book Circle, when Cheryl read an excerpt from a review from Tracey, woohoo!!!  What an absolute thrill!

You can watch the full episode below in which 4 books are briefly discussed, or jump to the Beneath the Darkening Sky section which begins at 7:05secs; my review is read out at 8:22secs.


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