01 August 2012

Review: The Crossing by B. Michael Radburn

The Crossing by B. Michael Radburn book cover
* From Publisher for review *

Set in Glorys Crossing, Tasmania, The Crossing is the debut novel from Aussie author B. Michael Radburn.  

Taylor Bridges is a Ranger working in the local National Park at Glorys Crossing, having left his wife and moved from the mainland after the tragedy of his daughter's disappearance.  The town is slowly being flooded by a massive dam project and residents are slowly leaving the town as the floodwaters reach their doorsteps.

When local girl Drew goes missing, Taylor is reminded of his daughter Claire's disappearance and tries to find her, fighting his fatigue and beginning to question his chronic sleepwalking problem.

This is a chilly tale and I really felt the cold while following Taylor on his rounds through deserted areas of Glorys Crossing or preparing a simple meal by the fire in the stark Ranger's cabin.  

My favourite character in the town by far was the Librarian.  Living in an impressive looking house, he wasn't a traditional librarian but a hoarder and master of information in the form of newspapers, books, reports and microfiche and was the unofficial 'go-to' person for information.

Radburn pays tribute to the Tassie devil via one of the characters in The Crossing in an unexpected way.  I enjoyed this aspect (although I won't spoil the surprise) and it significantly added to the Australian tone of the novel; I'll certainly be glad to include The Crossing as part of my Aussie Author Reading Challenge.

I've just learned B. Michael Radburn has a new book out soon called Blackwater Moon and I'll definitely be checking that one out, so stay tuned!

My rating = ***

Carpe Librum!

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  1. It's on reserve for me right now. My library loves you Trace!

  2. Fantastic, great to hear! Let me know what you think when you finish it :-) I've asked to interview the author so fingers crossed he's available.


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