30 August 2012

My Four Bucks is re-branded Carpe Librum

I'm thrilled to announce that after seven years in operation, the My Four Bucks blog is undergoing a huge name change and today is being rebranded as follows:

My Four Bucks is being relaunched as:

Carpe Librum

(Seize The Book)

I look forward to bringing you even more book reviews across a wide variety of genres, interesting interviews with engaging authors and snippets of bookish news. There will also be competitions and giveaways when possible, so I'll hope you'll join me and share your favourite books.

In order to celebrate the renaming of the site to Carpe Librum, the first three people to comment on this post will receive a bookmark in the mail (Australia and Overseas).  Leave a comment about the new blog name to win.

Happy Reading !

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  1. Congrats on your relaunch!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. Thanks Shelleyrae :-)
    I'll get your email address from your fabulous blog and email you a selection of bookmarks to choose from; you can never have enough right?

  3. Oh, I like the new name! I do think you are brave to be rebranding after so long!

  4. Thanks Marg, glad you like the new name. I was a little nervous to change it at first, but I'm hoping that the new title will attract a bigger book loving audience and more followers. Here's hoping.

    I was able to retrieve your email address from your Blogger profile so I'll email you through a selection of bookmarks to choose from shortly :-)

  5. Hi Trace. I do like the name and I hope the re-launch works for you! I am seriously jealous, I haven't read a book in ages that wasn't a text book or baby related.! Looking forward to it actually. It is my aim to read at least one non baby/child or cooking related book by Christmas. This from someone who would read until 0400 regularly!



  6. Absolutely fabulous Tracey! I love it! You must tell me about self hosting one day soon!

  7. Thanks Susan, I hope you reach your goal to read a fiction book by Christmas, what will you choose? Congratulations too, you're the last winner of the free bookmark. I'll send you a DM asking you for an address to send the bookmark.

    And thanks Kellie, this is my second self hosting site now, and I'm loving it, it's so easy!

  8. Tracey, I love your rebranding site! It's just beautifully done, and I look forward to visiting it often. Now, if I could just follow in your footsteps of success with my blog, it would be wonderful. I consider you a great mentor in this endeavor.

  9. Thank you for your kind words and generous compliment, wow!

  10. Love the new look and the name! Brilliant work Tracey. Look forward to seeing more of your posts here! ~DF

  11. The new site looks lovely Trace, and love love love the new name!


Thanks for your comment, Carpe Librum!