19 November 2010

Review: Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris book cover
Grave Sight is the first book in the Harper Connelly series written by Charlaine Harris. I picked this up for a bit of fun, and a so-called 'trashy' read and it didn't disappoint. Main character Harper has the ability to find dead bodies, as well as being able to determine how they died. I thought this concept was interesting enough to pursue for a light read.

The book had a very promising start with Harper and her brother taking on paying jobs for clients who need her services. However; the entire novel focussed on one job for a client situated in a smallish USA town (albeit with multiple bodies), and contained too much romance for my liking.

I would have enjoyed Grave Sight so much more if I was able to follow Harper working for many different clients over a greater period of time. It certainly would have provided more scope for the author and more variety for the reader. Having said that, it was an entertaining read and is probably best suited for Young Adult readers.

My rating = **1/2

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