10 November 2010

Review: Red Queen by H. M. Brown

Red Queen by H. M. Brown book coverRed Queen is the debut novel for this author - a woman living in country Victoria. Her novel begins with two brothers living in isolation in a self contained cabin in the Australian bush. Their survival depends on their isolation from the populace as a deadly virus is killing people in cities and towns and is highly contagious. But don't worry, the book isn't about the virus, it solely focusses on the the two boys, Shannon and Rohan.

The brothers have been living together for so long the dynamic between them is fascinating but also claustrophobically close. They have developed a designated routine for gathering food, 'keeping watch' and even sleeping. However; when a lone woman tries to seek shelter with them in their cabin, their whole world is threatened and loyalties are put to the test.

The book was an interesting foray into the power play between the brothers and this was the aspect I enjoyed the most, especially close to the end. Red Queen is a gripping psychological thriller and a very quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been recommending it widely, especially given it was written by an Australian author.

My rating = ****

Carpe Librum!

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