06 January 2009

Review: Just After Sunset by Stephen King

I received this book for Christmas, and it was definitely high on my wishlist. This is the latest book from horror guru Stephen King and is a collection of short stories. Some of the short stories are from early in his career and some are new, but all here are published for the first time in a book.

When reading several of the stories I found myself wishing he'd developed them into stand alone novels as I wanted to remain in the story for longer. The beauty of the short story though is that it packs a punch and doesn't need a plot to sustain a 300 page novel.

If you're a Stephen King fan, you'll love Just After Sunset, and if you're not, it could be a good introduction. Stephen King fans will especially enjoy his comments at the end briefly touching on the inspiration for each of his short stories. He certainly has a great sense of humour!

My rating = *****

Carpe Librum!

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