22 January 2021

WIN 1 of 2 print copies of A Plum Job by Cenarth Fox

A Plum Job by Cenarth Fox book cover
* Copies courtesy of the author *

A Plum Job by Australian author Cenarth Fox is the first in his WWII series of books, and this week the author is giving away two paperback copies to lucky Carpe Librum readers located in Australia. Enter below and good luck!


It’s 1939. Germany’s military might is smashing through the Low Countries and the British, Belgian and French forces are trapped at Dunkirk. The Nazis will soon be in Gay Paree.

Louise Wellesley is a gorgeous and aristocratic young Englishwoman desperate to become an actress.
But her upbringing demands that young women of her class go to finishing school, the Buckingham Palace debutante ball and then remain at home until the right chap comes along.

Such young ladies most definitely do not cavort semi-naked upon the wicked stage. But war brings change. People tell lies. Rules are broken.

So when you’re in a foreign country and living by your wits while facing arrest, torture and death from the French police, Resistance, Gestapo and a double-agent, you bloody well better remember your lines, act out of your skin and never ever bump into the furniture. Oh and it helps if your new best friend is Edith Piaf.

Author Bio

Cenarth Fox is an Australian with a Welsh name pronounced Kenarth.

As a writer he has created: 48 radio scripts broadcast by the ABC, 37 musicals performed in 43 countries, a collection of non-fiction titles, a trilogy of plays, a novel and a series of five children’s books about Sherlock Holmes.

He's also written 15 novels including the World War II thrillers A Plum Job and A Plum Jam, and 8 books in the crime series, The Detective Joanna Best Mysteries. For more about Cenarth Fox's books and plays visit www.cenfoxbooks.com or www.foxplays.com


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