07 February 2020

Guest review and giveaway of Judy Moody, Super Book Whiz by Megan McDonald

Judy Moody, Super Book Whiz by Megan McDonald book cover
Today I have the pleasure of introducing a new guest reviewer. 10 year old Sophie Harris loves reading all types of books, but is a huge fan of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and The School For Good and Evil series. Some of you might remember her older sister Grace's reviews of There May Be A Castle by Piers Torday and Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend back in 2017. 

The Harris family love to read and it's a real pleasure to welcome Sophie to Carpe Librum as she shares her review of Judy Moody, Super Book Whiz by Megan McDonald. Thanks Sophie!

Guest Review by Sophie Harris

I was so lucky to receive a copy of the latest Judy Moody instalment to review. This Judy Moody book was one of the best Judy Moody books yet! Judy and Stink are in a book team called the “Bookworms” and they have to compete against a team called the “Fake Moustache Defenders” in a competition.
Sophie Harris with her copy of Judy Moody, Super Book Whiz by Megan McDonald courtesy of Walker Books Australia, Carpe Librum.
Sophie Harris with her review copy of
Judy Moody, Super Book Whiz by
Megan McDonald courtesy of
Walker Books Australia

I really liked it because it features different books like Harry Potter and The Treehouse series in the competition. I would recommend this book for people who like quizzes and you can even answer the questions along with Judy Moody, which was really fun. Well written and easy to read, I would recommend this book for early readers and children 4-11 who just like a good laugh. I rate this book 4 and a half stars, or as Judy would say 4 and a half books!

Sophie's Rating:


Books, books, books! Judy, Stink and friends are preparing for the UBER-awesome Book Quiz Blowout! The fifteenth title in the Judy Moody series is jam-packed with book references and a nail-biter of a competition.

Judy Moody is in it to win it. The Virginia Dare Bookworms are reading up a storm to prepare for the book quiz. Judy’s trying out all kinds of tricks: from hanging upside down like Pippi Longstocking to teaching herself to speed read The Princess in Black; even Stink has covered a cape in sticky notes to help him remember all the answers! They may have super reading skills, but who knows when a serious case of brain freeze will strike! Will the Bookworms be as cool as cucumbers or freeze up on the big day?


Walker Books Australia are offering Carpe Librum readers the chance to win one of two print copies of Judy Moody, Super Book Whiz by Megan McDonald valued at $9.99AUD each. The giveaway is open to AUS & NZ entrants, so enter below for your chance to win this children's book for readers aged 8yo+. This giveaway has now closed.

Carpe Librum!

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