08 November 2017

Review and look inside: Upside-Down Dogs by Serena Hodson

* Copy and extract courtesy of Hachette Australia *

Upside-Down Dogs by Serena Hodson is a collection of photographs depicting a variety of dogs - yep, you guessed it - upside down. A multitude of poses and backgrounds make this a very enjoyable coffee table book for all ages.

Serena Hodson is a NZ born photographer now living in Brisbane Australia and is also the author of Dogservations.

I have no idea how Hodson encourages the dogs to relax and let their 'guard' down in order to photograph them upside down. Her photographs seem to capture moments of fun and relaxation as well as expressions of curiosity and wonder as each dog's personality shines through.

There's an index at the end providing each dog's name and breed, and flicking back and forth all the time was a little tiresome. I'd much prefer the information to be subtly located on each page, but that's just me.

Upside-Down Dogs is the perfect gift for dog lovers and animal lovers everywhere.

My rating = ***1/2

Carpe Librum!

Now for a sneak peak inside the book, thanks to Hachette Australia.

Page 50: Oakey, Corgi
Page 53: Harry, Lhasa Apso

Page 78: Katee and Ruby, Pug

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  1. Thanks for the post as I am true lover of dogs and I loved the cover picture of the album. Would really love to have all the pictures album with me right now.

  2. So glad you loved the review and the extract with additional images. If you're a dog-lover as you say, then you'll adore the book, trust me.

  3. Nice to see this lovely photography here. You know, I also love dogs. They are the cutest soul in the world. I want to thank you for this lovely stuff. This upside down photography really looks good here. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with us. :) american journey dog food reviews

  4. Thanks Willie, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Thanks for your comment, Carpe Librum!