03 September 2015

Review: Children Who Have Lived Before - Reincarnation Today by Trutz Hardo

The title of this book is self explanatory, Children Who Have Lived Before is about reincarnation and in particular about children who remember their past lives. 

Cases where children say things like "you're not my real mum" or "why am I a girl this time?" and "I have a husband and 3 children in the town of XYZ, take me there." In some cultures this is acceptable and their cases are verified by testing the children's knowledge of the previous life (as with the Dalai Lama). 

However in other cultures their behaviour is ignored, often discouraged and sometimes even punished.

This is a topic I'm very interested in, and one that gives me goosebumps when I hear a good story. A Facebook friend recently posted that her son walked past her dancing with her husband in the kitchen, rolled his eyes and said: "I really hated that dancing back in 1896." Creepy huh?

Many of the cases in Children Who Have Lived Before were interesting, and it certainly seemed as though the children in question were tested. They were asked to identify the house they once lived in, their parents and loved ones by name, even down to objects they owned and the things that had changed in the environment around them. I particularly enjoyed the chapter about birthmarks often relating to injuries from their previous incarnation.

The main gripe I have with this book though (and why I won't be rating it highly) is that it quoted so heavily from the investigative work done by Dr. Ian Stevenson, and the majority of cases used were more than 30 years old. For a book published in 2005 I expected the content to be a little more current.

My rating = ***

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